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Behshad Hastibakhsh: Visionary Entrepreneur Empowers Caregivers and Patients

March 16, 2016

Behshad Hastibakhsh, known as Ben among friends and colleagues, is well familiar with the emotional toll, financial strains and challenges of caring for loved ones.  A quarter of a century ago, while he was a first year university student Hastibakhsh cared for his cancer-stricken father.  Having witnessed the physical suffering of a beloved father, Hastibakhsh has since experienced both sides of being a caregiver and empowering others to take care of close relatives, friends or themselves.

Four years ago, Hastibakhsh co-founded LifeSupply, an online home medical equipment retailer, to meet the immediate needs of caregivers, the aging population and the general public.  Hastibakhsh, who previously served in the senior marketing management position at TIO Networks, became convinced that the combination of technology and innovation would break new barriers.

“By embracing the online paradigm, LifeSupply recognizes that technology savvy caregivers and patients can only benefit from the convenience of 24/7 access to home medical equipment. is essentially an online catalogue which features interactive chat, intuitive search, and secure transaction tools.  LifeSupply has gone beyond the bricks and mortar retail paradigm to give caregivers and patients the flexibility of shopping online using a desktop, laptop or mobile device.  Our vision is to care for the community through empowerment.”

Hastibakhsh has identified the gap between customers’ expectations in the digital age and the conventional approach of retailers in the home medical industry.  To fill this gap, LifeSupply has embraced the online paradigm and implemented innovative operational practices to pass additional savings to consumers.

“In today’s retail environment, customers look for quality and value.  LifeSupply is able to deliver both by leaving the bricks and mortar business model behind.  Our vision is a direct relationship with customers.  Gone are the days of intermediaries who act as gatekeepers and prevent market driven competitions.  LifeSupply enables caregivers and patients to make sound and informed decisions to acquire home medical products at some of the lowest prices.”

Through enhanced operational processes, Hastibakhsh has built a streamlined model that promotes the availability of products and extends to seamless fulfillment and delivery.  Hastibakhsh credits much of the company’s innovation to his dedicated team of software developers based in Silicon Valley, California.  Equally important is the support of supply partners in securing the company’s success.

Hastibakhsh envisions the complete overhaul of the home medical industry in a decade.  Meanwhile, LifeSupply continues to set new trends, and follow the steps of other online retail giants.

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