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LifeSupply Joins the Home Medical Equipment Dealers Association

September 2, 2013

LifeSupply Joins the Home Medical Equipment Dealers Association

LifeSupply is pleased to announce that it has joined the Home Medical Equipment Dealers Association (HMEDA). With this initiative, LifeSupply reaffirms its commitment to work with medical professionals, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists, in offering caregivers, seniors and others in the community convenient access to home medical equipment at some of the lowest prices.

Caring for elderly loved ones can be difficult and expensive at times. Recognizing various challenges facing caregivers, LifeSupply opened its doors in March 2012 with the vision to offer the convenience of shopping combined with the lowest prices on home medical equipment through multiple channels. Through innovation, LifeSupply has become a household name among occupational therapists, physiotherapists, professional caregivers, seniors, and the general public.

While Canadians are living longer than in any other time in our history, primary caregivers often carry the heavy burdens of communicating with the elderly, addressing their health needs, and paying for expensive home medical equipment. For the aging population, it is often difficult to transition into a new stage of life and to give up their independence. And here comes LifeSupply with a sense of purpose and commitment to easing the burdens on caregivers, and empowering seniors to continue their independent and comfortable lifestyle!

LifeSupply offers medical professionals, caregivers, seniors and individuals with short and long term physical disabilities convenient access to home medical equipment at the lowest prices through multiple sales channels, including its online catalogue and e-commerce site (, bricks and mortar boutique style showroom, and the 1-800 phone number. The ‘Customer is King’ mantra holds true, as LifeSupply caters to a wide range of demographic groups, including technology savvy customers and traditional shoppers with a preference for the in-store buying experience. The company frequently offers special discounts in addition to everyday low prices to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

“We are pleased to expand our network of community partners, as LifeSupply steps beyond traditional spheres of product offerings in the retail environment, and add other services such as financing to sales, rentals and rent-to-own programs”, Behshad Hastibakhsh, VP of Business Development at LifeSupply. “LifeSupply is a valuable brand which represents the convergence of convenience and the lowest prices on brand name products.”

The company has also partnered with community based home care and support service providers to raise awareness on the availability of access to affordable home medical equipment. Affordability is a key factor for many caregivers. Hence, LifeSupply has joined forces with Veterans Affairs Canada, WorkSafeBC, and third party insurance companies, such as Pacific Blue Cross, to provide financial relief.

About LifeSupply

LifeSupply is a supplier of home medical equipment serving health care professionals and the general public. The company offers lowest prices on home medical equipment with sales, rentals, rent-to-own, financing and delivery options. LifeSupply is committed to caring for the community with a particular focus on the needs of seniors and adults recovering from physical injuries.


HMEDA members aim to provide our clients with the most suitable piece of equipment to meet their needs. To achieve this, the assessment period is a unique service our members offer to our clients. During this time, equipment may be available to trial so that clients can be assured that they are selecting the correct equipment that meets their needs. We work closely with other healthcare professionals, specifically occupational therapists, to insure the rehab equipment being recommended meets the client’s long term medical needs.

Recognizing optimal medical equipment can increase a person’s independence, mobility and comfort, our members stress the importance of post-delivery service. With many clients unable to bring their equipment in for service, HMEDA members have mobile technician departments fully trained in troubleshooting the equipment.

Media Contact:

Behshad Hastibakhsh
VP, Business Development
Tel: 604.336.0622


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